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Keeping track of your miles with Strava

Disclaimer: I evaluated Strava as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!

Every runner knows the distance from their home to a mile in any direction. Gone are the days in which I would use pen and paper to keep track of my mileage. One innovative program to keep track of your mileage, pace, and straining is Strava ( Strava is a mobile app for your Iphone or Android device.

For those who don't have running watch, Strava can track and record activities directly from the app. Since I have a Garmin watch I was able to sync my data from the Garmin Connect app to Strava. Strava displays the route, distance, pace, and notes any pictures you take before or during the run. It also has information on your effort, the topography, and your splits. At the end of the run, after Garmin syncs the data to Strava, you can modify the data entry. You can add a name for the run and upload pictures. When you are ready to share your data via social media, you can choose to share a map of your route or an uploaded picture. During the May BibRave Strava Run Streak I labeled each of my pictures based on the day it was taken and used all the fun pictures had taken during my strolls.

Beyond tracking stats, Strava also hosts a community of runners and bikers. You can follow other athletes and give them kudos for their activities. All the runners that you follow will be displayed in your feed, you can scroll through and see the mileage that they are putting in. You can also join clubs, like BibRave Run Club, Runner's World, and Atlanta Track Club. Strava also sponsors events and challenges that athletes can participate in.

What to join the Strava community?

Go to the Google Play or Apple App store to download Strava for your phone and happy running!

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