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Hello 2020

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Wow! We are 2 decades into the new millenia.

Every new year brings the possibility of new excitement and adventures and 2020 will be no different. I have few plans in store for 2020.

1. First I am still reaching for my sub 2 hour half marathon goal. I will make an attempt during each half marathon this year. I have the Savannah's Women Half Marathon (April 2020), Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon (April 2020), and the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon (Oct 2020) on deck for this year.

2. I am also going to redesign my blog. It's been 5 years and it's time for a new facelift. The new blog will launch on March 1.

3. I am going to be more intentional on my fitness and eating. I want to weight 150-160 lb around this time next year.

My 2020 Race Schedule is slowly coming together. So far, I have the following races on my calendar.

*465 Virtual Race (53 miles between Jan 1-Feb 29, use code BIBRAVE)

*Hot Chocolate ATL-Sweeper Pacer-Feb 2

*Publix Half Marathon-March 1 (the day after the Olympic Marathon Trials)

*Savannah Women's Half Marathon-April 4 (Use code BIBRAVE to save 15% on registration at

*Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon- April 25

*Detroit Free Press Half Marathon-Oct 16 (Use code BIBRAVEDET20 to save 10% on registration at

As the year progresses I will add more to the list. Happy 2020!

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