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Hot Chocolate ATL 2020

Today was the Hot Chocolate ATL Race. I returned as the infamous Sweeper pacer for the 15k. While the race started off cold, today was the best weather we have had for this race in 4+ years. My friends and I used to love this race, but the weather has since discouraged many of them from attending. I am still in it to win it and to keep my legacy status. So how did it go?

The Expo

This year the expo was held at the Hyatt Regency near the Peachtree Center Marta Station. Being close to the train station made transportation super simple and convenient. I went on Friday, Jan 31, and packet pick up was quick and easy. The jackets this year are probably my favorite so far. There were plenty of photo props, vendors, and of course chocolate. Their chocolate formulation is just delicious.

This was first time in five years that I haven't been an ambassador, so it was nice to just be a expo participant.

Race Day

The started near Olympic Centennial Park. The course was the same as last year. As the Sweeper my job was try to keep everyone on pace so they wouldn't get swept. This year, the sweeping started around Mile 2. Thankfully the runners worked hard to stay on pace. We finished near the Georgia Aquarium and we were rewarded medals and chocolate. My knee was great despite how it has been acting all month. It gives me confidence for my race schedule this year.

The features I liked this year were the free race photos and the composable chocolate mug. Hopefully the nice weather will return next year.

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