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2023 Decatur DeKalb 4 Miler

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

After mulling for a few days I decided to take the plunge and register for the 2023 Decatur DeKalb 4 Mile. The race is part of the Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix race series. Another bonus is the start was a half mile from my home at Decatur High School. I haven't run this race since it started at the Decatur YMCA years ago.

I was glad that I signed up. I was able to see many of my favorite run buddies and I knocked out my Saturday run (talking about killing 2 birds with one stone). The race route included part of my normal running routine so I was also psyched about the terrain familiarity. So how did the race go?

Bib Pick Up

The best thing about the Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix races is that they many are free and there is race day pick up. I walked to the start from home, so I was cutting it close to the take off time. My friend was able to quickly pick up my bib for me so I could make it to the start on time. I ran in the "C" corral. My projected finish time for the 4 miles was 44 minutes (11:00 pace).

The race and route

I knew the race was going to be a challenge because the humidity was taking its job very seriously that morning and I was already sweating before the race began. I usually drink Ultima during my runs, but I ran out and decided to use the next best thing--Vitamin Water Zero. The route was not that bad. True to ATL it was hilly, with some good downhills. The humidity made the race just that much harder. I decided to take walk breaks to avoid overheating. There was a water stop at mile 2 and I used the water to cool off my skin.

Decatur DeKalb 4 Mile Race Route

My official finish time (per Garmin) was 47:02 minutes (11:45 min pace). I am happy with my pace considering the humidity levels. Overall, I had a great time. I have always enjoyed this race since it is my neighborhood and is free.



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