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Adversity breeds opportunity: 2021 Training

2021 has started off not as I had planned. I started with my new Garmin training plan on January 4 with my new running coach. My baseline run went really well. My endurance and speed had both improved, which showed greater promise for a faster pace this training season. On January 5 during my 3 mile training run, I twisted my ankle as ran across a street. I was able to run 1.83 miles at a good pace and walked back home the same distance limping.

After nursing my foot for a week and visiting the doctor, I found out my foot is fractured. This is NOT what I expected for this year. I haven't had a significant injury in over 5 years, so this was not good to my spirit. Thankfully I don't have a cast, just a boot. My foot should heal in about 6 weeks.

Rather than wallow in pity, I am going to use this injury as an opportunity to refine my nutrition and focus on upper body strength. Since I don't have the advantage of running off hundreds of calories, I am going to be wise in what I choose to eat. I cannot justify the junk food that I used to consume out of boredom or "just because". Lately I have been meal planning each day and avoiding chips and candy, my favorite snacks.

I am also using the Peloton app for workouts. I have seen all the advertising and posts on social media and I will say that I am impressed with the features. I have been taking archived and live upper body strength and yoga classes. The instructors make you work hard for the 10 or 20 minute class. I may keep the app after the 2 month trial. It is great substitute for going to the gym.

So I have made up my mind that regardless of the adversities that come up this year, I will find an opportunity to thrive anyway. When I return to running I have will have better upper body strength and I won't have extra weight that comes indulging during injuries. 1 week down, 5 more weeks of healing to go.....



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