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America's Marathon Weekend-The Olympic Trials

Last weekend was nothing short of amazing. Atlanta hosted the Olympic Trials Marathon on Saturday (2/29), followed by the Publix Atlanta Race on Sunday (3/31). I applaud the Atlanta Track Club for hosting an amazing weekend. I had a great time as a volunteer for the trials and as a pacer for Publix Atlanta half marathon.

Olympic Trials

I served as course monitor at Mile 25 for the Olympic Trials. Our team was responsible for keeping people off the course.

Before the race started, our volunteer group had a chance to visit the Olympic Torch that was lit for the ceremony. The torch had not been lit since the 1996 Olympic Games.

Mile 25 was one of the last cheer zones before the finish. I saw all the leaders and everyone who was fighting for the finish. I even saw Des Linden as she headed to the finish. She was running strong as she chased the leader. She was in 4th place when I saw her.

There were plenty of spectators cheering on their friends and families. I filmed the men and women race leaders as they passed through.

Attending the Olympic Trials was nothing short of amazing. I am proud of all runners and wish them well on their future pavement adventures. My plan is to attend the Olympics in 2028.



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