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BibRave Virtual Summit 2020

Last weekend (June 13 and 14) I had the opportunity to attend the BibRave Virtual Summit sponsored by Knockaround. The conference was held on Zoom and was a meeting of the fierce Orange Tribe of BibRave Pros and the BibRave staff. I have never attended a live summit due to scheduling so I was beyond excited to attend this event. The weekend's summit included a 5 mile virtual scavenger hunt, workshops and the Zesty Awards.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The virtual scavenger hunt was hosted through the HollarHype app. The way the app works is that you can record messages to runners in your group and hype them up during the run. The clues were given to use at specific miles by the BibRave staff and other Pros. I ran the hunt on June 13 as a workout for my half marathon training plan.

I found a few of the clues. One clue was find something important for the community. I choose Agnes Scott College. I took a picture of one of the structures on campus. Another clue was find something orange. Thankfully Agnes Scott had plenty of orange cones around campus and snapped a picture. I ran 4 miles and then walked the last mile. My pace was really good. I also enjoyed getting messages of encouragement during my run. I also sent a few messages after my run to other BibRave Pros on their hunt.

I came back on Sunday to find more items on my walk to Starbucks. It was a fun event and I ran through Oakhurst for the hunt, so it was a double bonus.


The Zoom meetings were a great way to see and communicate with other BibRave Pros. I have met a few in person, but there are many more I have not met yet. We learned about BibRave business information, social media best practices, making Tik Tok videos, and non-running information about each other. I appreciated the quality time we spent together, even if it was via computer.

Zesty Awards

The Zesty Award is presented to BibRave Pros who have served for 5 years. This year I, along with three others, were honored with a Zesty Award. I joined the BibRave Pro team in May 2015. I cannot believe that I have been representing the organization for 5 years. We were all honored with a orange plush and said a few words to the group. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a member of this great running community.



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