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Brooks Ghost 14: A new addition to my Brooks collection

Disclaimer: I received a pair of a Ghost Books 14 shoes to evaluate as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews.

Brooks is my favorite brand of running shoes. I initially wore Ravennas and now I currently run in the Adrenaline GTS 20 shoes. I have been solely running in Brooks for years and was super excited to try the Ghost 14 shoes. I have never tried the Ghost model so this was an opportunity to try something new. I tested the pink/purple colorway which was an added bonus for matching my running clothes. So how does this shoes compare to my current Adrenaline GTS 20?

Shoe Information

The Ghosts are are cushioned, neutral shoe. They are also carbon neutral, which helps to reduce our contribution to carbon emissions that impact climate change. The cushion was the best feature of the shoe. I have been dealing with a sore heal this summer, so the extra cushion was helpful on my runs. It helped to minimize the pounding of my foot on the pavement. In comparison to my current shoes, Adrenaline GTS 20, there were a few differences in fit.

  1. The toe box: The toe box on the Ghost (right) are narrower than the Adrenaline GTS (left) as seen in the picture below. The narrower toe box wasn't a huge issue, but I could feel discomfort in my pinky toe on runs over 5 miles.

2. The cushion and support in both shoes helped my feet. I am flat footed so I have to wear a hard orthopedic insert in my shoe to support my poor arches. The Ghost 14 shoes has a lightly larger cushion on the heel. The extra cushion also helped with my sore heel. I did not have any issues using the orthopedic insert in the shoe so I was able to wear the shoe regularly during my evaluation.

I wore the Ghost 14 shoes for my weekly runs. I enjoyed the fit and didn't have major foot issue afterwards. I was able to maintain my normal pace.

I also ran Peachtree Road Race in them on July 4, 2022. I finished the race in 1:18:33. My feet and pace were great despite the heat. The shoes even dried quickly after running through a few sprinklers.

Overall, I really like the Brooks Ghost 14 shoe and in a few months when I purchase my next set of shoes I am going to see if they can be added to my shoe rotation. Since I wasn't fitted for the shoes, I want to make sure the running store properly evaluate my feet and determine if I should wear this model. Either way, I plan to make my next shoe from the Brooks catalog.


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