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Goodbye November

It's time to say goodbye to November, my beloved birth month. This month has been well for running, but not so much for blogging. I have been busy with work and life, but I plan to get back to being consistent. This month, I trained for the Savannah Bridge Run, which takes place on Saturday, December 3. We also finished Atlanta Track Club In-training for Thanksgiving Half Marathon. While I didn't run the half marathon, I walked on Thanksgiving to work off the banana pudding in advance.

My birthday was on Nov 18 and I am grateful for another trip around the sun. As we say goodbye to this month of running. I am looking forward to focusing on weight training and short runs in December. Thankfully my foot is getting better and the pain has become minimal. Strength training has really been beneficially both physically and mentally. December is a time for me to recharge before the new year.

How did November go for you?



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