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July Memory Mondays

July has had some fun Memory Mondays. I have been busy traveling so that I did not post them.

July 6 Memory Monday-2017 Publix Marathon

In 2017 I participated in Heather King's Team Takedown Publix Marathon initiative and ran the Publix Marathon. It was second fastest marathon. The course was close to my home (I was tempted to run home at mile 13). Upon finishing my friends and I earned Ultimate Peach Status.

July 13 Memory Monday-2019 Road To Gold 8 Mile Race

The 2020 Marathon Olympic Trials were held in ATL in Feb. Last year, we had the opportunity to run part of the course in 2019. It was run to feel like an Olympian, even if it was just for a few miles.

July 20 Memory Monday-The Weekly Group Runs

I have participated in group runs since 2011. This year is the first time that I haven't participated regularly in a weekly group run with my friends. I have met some of my best running buddies during our weekly meet ups. Hopefully we an run together soon.



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