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June Training

I can't believe June is nearly over. This month I started half marathon training. Initially it was to train for the Derby mini marathon race that was rescheduled for August. The race has since been canceled, but I am planning to continue training.

Since finishing 10k training in May, my pace and endurance have dramatically improved. I started off running in the high 12 min/mile pace with intervals. I also was so worried about running that I let my mental outlook impact my running performance. Now I am running in the 11 min/mile range nonstop. Training does work and I am grateful for the Garmin training plan.

As I move into July I plan to keep running and training. I bought a set of kettle bells to maintain weight training. I am taking advantage of the time I have to run and improve my fitness. My next scheduled race is the Detroit Free Press half marathon in October. As of today it is still scheduled to happen. No matter, the decision of my fall races, I am going to keep training and maybe I will meet my sub 2 goal this year or in 2021.



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