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May is here

We have made it to the fifth month of the year. May is also known as Maycation, since I don't teach this month. I am grateful that my foot has fully healed and I am nearing the end of my 12 week virtual Garmin 10k training program. It is amazing how far I have progressed from a combined running mileage of 12.1 miles in January and February to 47.6 miles in April.

For May, I am going to prepare for June's Missoula virtual half marathon. My plan to switch to Garmin's virtual half marathon program and run additional miles on Saturday. I also signed for two Peloton workout series for cross training. I signed up for Total Strength with Andy, a four week program. The second program, The Power of Sleep, is a two week mediation program. I love the Peloton app, but am slacking on using it to the fullest potential. The goal is combine running with the Peloton content to run faster and stronger.

I am excited for Maycation and working through this month's goals. What are you goals for May?



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