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Medal Monday: 2021 Enmarket Savannah Bridge Double Pump Race

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Disclaimer: I received an entry into the 2021 Enmarket Savannah Bridge Double Pump to evaluate as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews.

This Saturday, December 4, I ran my third in-person Enmarket Savannah Bridge Double Pump Race. After running the virtual race last year it was great to build character by running three trips across Talmadge Bridge for the Double Pump 15k. This year was also special in that it was the 30th Anniversary. The Double Pump participants could receive also all three race medals. Let's see how this year's race went.

The Expo

The expo was held at the Trustee's Garden. Upon entrance to the expo everyone had to present their COVID-19 vaccine card or get tested. After showing my vaccine card, I was able to quickly pick up my bib on the second floor of the venue. I moved to the first floor to visit the vendors, pick up my shirt, and try the free tacos. The expo was small, but was a nice way to meet other runners and get pumped for the race.

Race Day

One of my favorite things about the race is the ease of parking and it's free. The first race for the Double Pump 15 was the 5k, which started at 8 am. We arrived to the start around 6:45 am to get the best parking spot. I met with friends and another BibRave Pro.

The 5K

The race has two corrals, one from walkers and the other for runners. While I like this concept, the corrals merge less than a half a mile from the start so the race got crowded really fast. Thankfully, the bridge is the great equalizer and it was easy to quickly start moving. I finished the 5k and this year, we were able to immediately start the 10k without stopping. The 5k was the first trip across the bridge.

The 10K

The 10k was mentally challenging since it was 2 trips across the Talmadge Bridge. I chose to walk the steepest part of the hill to preserve my energy and make up my pace on the downhills. The view from the bridge was beautiful.

I finished the race in 1:52:52 (official results) with a few extra steps. I also earned all three medals. There was plenty of food and drinks at the post-race celebration. We took the free Trolley back to the start after the race.

Unlike previous years, the Double Pump participants could upgrade their registration to receive all three race medals. I think that option should be automatically included in the Double Pump with no additional fees since we completed all three races. The bling was beautiful and I was glad to be able to run the race this year.

Happy Medal Monday!



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