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Memory Monday: 2021 Races Tribute

Today's Memory Monday is a tribute to all my 2021 races, in-person and virtual. This year started off with an unbelievable event, a fractured foot. I was so excited about 2021 and on January 5 I fractured my foot by twisting my ankle on broken sidewalk during a training run. I was upset, but honestly it was an opportunity to try the Peloton app and improve my diet. I signed up for the Peloton app and used my rehab time to work on yoga, stretching, and upper body strength.

Thankfully I healed and I was able to train and regain my endurance and speed back quickly. I completed two virtual half marathons, two 10k, and five 5k races. I am looking forward to new medals and an injury-free 2022.



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