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Missoula Virtual 5k

Disclaimer: I received an entry into the Missoula Virtual 5k to evaluate as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews.

Today I ran the Missoula Virtual 5k race in my neighborhood. My runners box, which included my bib, tee-shirts, and other race swag, arrived just in time for my race.

I am in the middle of half marathon training so I used by progression run workout for the 5k. I ran my usual route along E. College and W. Howard Ave. The warm up was a slow jog up the Church St. hill. The first 20 minutes of the run I had kept an easy pace of 11:30-12:40 min/mile. I was surprised that I stayed on pace for 90% of the time. My watch beeps when the pace is not within the range. The next 10 minutes were ran at a challenging pace of 9:20-9:50 min/mile. I struggled to stay on pace. I was either too fast, but mostly too slow (10 min pace). I ran a true progression run, just not at the pace of training. The workout concluded with a cool down jog. I finished the run in 36:43 (11:39 min/mile pace).

Overall it was great run and I had a post race breakfast at Chick Fil A. On Saturday, June 26, I will be running the virtual half marathon. I am looking forward to great weather and my post race sweet tea.


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