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November is here!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

November, my beautiful birth month, is here. November will mark a new year of life and a new half marathon training plan. I am still working toward my sub 2 hour half marathon goal and I am slowly decreasing my Garmin half marathon training plan goal with each iteration. Before I get into the November plans, let's revisit October.


October was a great and kinda of scary month. During one of my runs, I tripped over a storm drained and hurt my left foot. I was super scared that I fractured it, but thankfully it was fine. Bertha, my boot from my right foot fracture in January, did not need a twin sister. I finished October strong with 61.4 miles, which included a virtual half marathon. I managed to run consistently and greatly improved my overall pace. I think the cooler weather and the continually workouts have improved my overall confidence. From easy runs to progression runs, I ran them all.


For November, I am going to start another Garmin half marathon training program that has a 2:05 finishing time. The plan will provide adaptive workouts that provide different workouts to improve my endurance and speed. I have no races scheduled, but I will be training for the Savannah Bridge Double Pump Race (use code BIBRAVE2021 to save 15%, register here). Race day is on December 4th. I am looking forward to lowering my finishing time as I approach the 2 hour time goal.



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