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Publix Half Marathon Training

Well it it's that time again to train for the Publix Half Marathon. This year the race will be on held in person on February 28th at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The new location means the course will be significantly less hilly than in previous years (yay for everyone).

I am serving as a virtual run lead for a group of participants. The participants will mostly train on their own, but they will have an opportunity to join a few in person training sessions. I am also leading the midweek Wednesday in person workout that will be held in Decatur.

I am looking forward to another season of virtual training. I love solo running so this training will be beneficial to me. It will also help me to prepare the Publix Savannah Half Marathon that will take place on March 27, 2021. As of now the Savannah race is scheduled to be an in person event.



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