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Enmarket Savannah Bridge Double Pump Race

This year was the 30th Anniversary of the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run. The race was originally scheduled as an in-person race on December 5. This year due to the pandemic the race was converted to a virtual event. This year I registered for the Double Pump race. The Double Pump is a 15k that is divided into a 5k and 10k races. In person, the 15k is three trips across the Talmadge Bridge.

In the spirit of the in-person race, I ran the 5k and 10k as separate races. Due to my schedule, I ran them on two different days and I tried to find at least one bridge to run across during the race.


I ran the 5k on December 5 and ran through my neighborhood along the PATH and found one bridge. The day was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better race. I ran the 5k at 33:49.


I ran the 10k on December 6 using a route through Emory University. I found a bridge on North Decatur Road as I headed to the campus. The weather for the run was great and I finished the 10k in 1:12:15. This was probably one of my best 10ks of the year. I ended the race at my favorite watering hole.

Both races went well and while I missed running across the Talmadge Bridge 3 times, I enjoyed completing the race in my neighborhood. A week after the race I received my medal, tee-shirt, and surprisingly an Age Group Award!!!! I was so stoked over the Age Group Award since I have NEVER won any running award. It was a great surprise and made my entire running year.

The race swag included a medal, shirt, reusable bag, beverage holder, and bib.

The medal was a trolley with a view of runners on the bridge. After the in person race, we used to ride the trolley from the finish back to our car. It is unique addition to my medal collection.

Hopefully next year I will be able to run this race in person. I enjoy running in Savannah and missed the spirit of the race. I think the race organizers communicated with the participants throughout the race as it transitioned from in-person to a virtual event. My only criticism is the same as it for the other races managed by the Savannah Sports Council is that they will only send your medal and race items if you submit your finishing time. This removes the flexibility of the race since people may have not been able to run the virtual during the scheduled time. Participants have also already paid for the race items.



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