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Where Did May Go?

May is here and nearly over. The plans for this month were to continue the Garmin10k training plan to build up for the half marathon sub 2 hr goal at the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah half marathon. My training got a bit derailed in April due to a slight injury, but I am back on track. Also, the Savannah race has been canceled, which makes the setback not so bad. More time to train is always a good thing.

I paused my Garmin 10k training program this month due to hamstring issues. The bed to pavement to sitting all day routine has not served me well. Due to lack of stretching and neglecting strength training, hamstrings were not happy. However, I started doing exactly what I need to do improve my strength and I am finally running without pain. I also signed up complete the Total Strength Peloton workout program so I have a weekly workout schedule (and no excuses). After taking a few weeks of to self rehab, I am grateful to return to the weekly workouts.

There is 1.5 weeks left in May and I plan to finish strong. It's also mulberry season so I can snack while I running speed repeats. As the weather heats up I am also waking up earlier to avoid the heat (humidity is always there). How is May going for you?



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